Future Engineers

Future Engineers

In October half term 2016, the National Railway Museum hosted Future Engineers, an action-packed interactive exhibition for families which got young visitors thinking about how they could shape the railways of tomorrow.

The exhibition was sponsored by UK rolling stock companies Angel TrainsEversholt Rail Group and Porterbrook.

After a successful and engaging 2016 exhibition, the National Railway Museum is keen for more companies to come on board for the next Future Engineers event. If you would like your company to get involved, please contact:

Rebecca Johnson, Senior Development Executive

01904 685733

2016's lively exhibition included the following activities:


A creative 'big draw' activity for the whole family. Our Gallery walls were transformed into a city landscape for visitors to create their route through the city.


Visitors delved into the wonderful world of structural engineering with our interactive show and discovered how to design and make a bridge.

Track to the Future

A workshop in which visitors tried to make trains go faster, discovered what it's like to be a Track Engineer, and got to grips with rail design by solving our track puzzle.

Screwball Signals

A fun marble run, with visitors trying to keep the trains a safe distance apart and finding out how Signal Engineers keep the railway running quickly.

Passenger Puzzle

Visitors got creative and designed their ideal railway carriage of the future, trying to create it while still keeping their rail passengers happy. They also sampled life as a Rolling Stock Engineer and put their problem solving skills to the test.

Wheel Drop Demo

Live demos in which our engineering team 'dropped the wheels' from a locomotive.

Signal Box Demo

Visitors joined our volunteer signallers and moved the signals using a 'token' signalling system. Plus, they learned how to safely move a train along a track.

Background: Locomotive Tail Lights