Tony Pegler

Tony joined railway from school and worked in the Southern region, Gatwick and Waterloo.

Railway voices at the NRM

Tony Pegler's father was a station master in the West Country. Tony joined the railway from school, and from there filled a variety of clerical and junior station master posts in the Southern Region.

The loading of the Milk Train with milk delivered by Viner & Long, 9 February 1928.

Excerpt 1: As Station Master at Lapford, Tony recollects the movement of milk by rail from the West Country to London in the 1950s. 4.39

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Women railway workers obscuring gas lamps at the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway's Horwich works, Greater Manchester, May 1917.

Excerpt 2: As station master at Ashurst, Tony talks about keeping the signals in working order. 2.21

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Queen Elizabeth II being greeted in a railway station by a senior naval officer, circa 1960. Other dignitaries are present, such as Prime Minister Harold Macmillan (standing beside a second military officer, facing the Queen), Alec Douglas-Home (standing beside Macmillan) and Princess Margaret (standing in front of the ladies in waiting).

Excerpt 3: Working at Gatwick in the 1960s, Tony made arrangements for visiting royalty and Heads of State. 2.31

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Excerpt 4: Later in his career, Tony moved to Work Study and recalls the difficulties in trying to document diverse activities for carpenters and carriage cleaners. 3.06

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