George Young

George worked on the railways for 50 years, starting at Aberdeen in 1945.

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George Young joined the LNER at Aberdeen in 1945, as a lad messenger. He later worked as an apprentice fitter at Aberdeen Ferryhill train depot and Inverurie Loco Works, before becoming a steam locomotive fitter at Dundee and elswhere.

After a spell as Mechanical Foreman at Dundee, he retired in 1995.

D40 No.62276 Andrew Bain at Kittybrewster, 1952. Credit: A. G. Forsyth / Initial Photographs.

Extract 1: Working with steam locos at Kittybrewster engine shed, Aberdeen. 1:13

Extract 2: Finishing his apprenticeship. 1:22

V2 No.60824 at Ferryhill. Credit: Gresley Society.

Extract 3: Distinctions between LNER and LMS at Aberdeen. 1:14

Perth Black 5 No.44979 at Aviemore Shed, circa 1952. Credit: Gresley Society.

Extract 4: Attitudes among LNER and LMS staff at Stirling. 3:16

Extract 5: Lines of demarcation at Blair Atholl engine shed. 3:35

Class 25 No.D5131 at Inverness. Credit: Gresley Society.

Extract 6: Dieselisation at Aberdeen. 2:05

Extract 7: Diesels at Dundee. 1:43

Background: Class 87