Eric Henshaw

Eric helped implement the Beeching plan and spent time in India and Australia.

Railway voices at the NRM

Eric Henshaw joined the London, Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS) in 1941 as a Junior Bookings Clerk. After war service, he rejoined and took a Traffic Apprenticeship. He then moved into management positions, was involved in implementing the Beeching plan, and worked for consultancy service Transmark, spending time in India and Australia.

Excerpt 1: Eric joined the LMS at Ilkeston at 16, but after two years was called up. 3.51

Driver P E Heavens, seen with his fireman colleague, points to his nameplate on the British Railways Eastern Region A4 class express passenger locomotive No 60015 Quicksilver.

Excerpt 2: Eric enjoys Liverpool. He then plans to transfer to Chester, but finds himself at Leicester. 2.56

Wagon loaded up with freight at a goods depot, 12 November 1920. Goods like this were usually transported by rail at this time, but road transport was beginning to rival the railways.

Excerpt 3: By the early to mid 1960s, a major part of management time was absorbed by implementing the Beeching plan. 2.34

Signalbox at Scarborough station, 1994. Signal boxes were usually on two floors, with the operating room upstairs.

Excerpt 4: Eric describes a few of the characters which were so much a part of the railway industry. 3.07

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