Alec Martin

Alec had a long career, starting at the LMS in 1943 in Carlisle.

Railway voices at the NRM

Alec Martin had a long career, starting in a clerical role with the LMS in 1943 in Carlisle. He then rose through Assistant Goods Agent (Dundee), Goods Agent (Inverness), Terminals Manager (Edinburgh Division), Area Manager (Falkirk) and retired as Freight Sales Manager (Scotland) in 1983.

Excerpt 1: Alec recalls his father’s work as a Check Clerk (Audit) in the Perth district in the early 1930s. 2.27

Excerpt 2: Carlisle was a very significant telegraph office in the 1940s. 2.02

Excerpt 3: Alec recalls his work in the railway telegraph office. 3.20

Railway workers in the London, Midland & Scottish Railway's telegraph room at Inverness, Highlands, about 1939.

Excerpt 4: Working in the wages office. 3.32

Excerpt 5: As a telegraph clerk at Carlisle, recollections of wartime troop movements. 2.00

Excerpt 6: Call up interrupts railway careers. 2.04

Chipperfield Circus elephants being loaded onto a British Railways van at St Botolph station, 28 September 1961.

Excerpt 7: As Goods Agent at Inverness in the early 1960s, Alec recalls the Circus Train arrangements. 3.02


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