Alan Pegler

Involved with railway preservation since 1950, and the purchase of Flying Scotsman.

Railway voices at the NRM

Alan Pegler has been involved with the railway preservation movement since 1950, and the purchase of Flying Scotsman.

Excerpt 1: Alan recalls early discussion on preserving the Ffestiniog Railway. 2.35

Passenger train at Blaenau Ffestiniog station, about 1909.

Excerpt 2: After rescuing the Ffestiniog Railway, Alan was involved for many more decades. 1.53

Excerpt 3: The early days of owning Flying Scotsman. 2.58

Flying Scotsman at King's Cross station, 1963, just before its last journey to Doncaster. The engine had just been bought by Alan Pegler.

Excerpt 4: Alan explains why he bought Flying Scotsman. 1.31

Excerpt 5: Due to the removal of watering facilities, a second tender was required for long non-stop runs by Flying Scotsman. 4.04

Flying Scotsman at Shildon railway works, County Durham, 1975.

Excerpt 6: Alan looks back at his USA tour with Flying Scotsman. 3.24

Background: Class 87