Family fun

Get into the mind of a trainspotter with our terrific trainspotting trail, guaranteed to entertain the whole family. We also have some great half-term activities on a spotting theme.

half-term activities at the National Railway Museum

Can you be a Super Spotter this half-term?

Trainspotters had all sorts of adventures with their friends. They travelled to new and exciting places all over Britain to see different locomotives. Every trainspotter carried a notebook. They always wrote down locomotive numbers so they could remember what they had seen.

Have a go at trainspotting with our museum trails and see what you discover.

Every Super Spotter gets a Super Spotter badge. There is a trail and a badge to collect in both Great Hall and Station Hall.

During the school holidays experience first-hand the mischief, drama and anticipation of travelling the tracks and sneaking around stations with our half-term family activities:

Platform 4 activities activities at the National Railway Museum

Enjoy a series of specially commissioned theatrical sketches that cast you into the role of an adventurous sixties school age spotter. Interact with a range of characters from a British Transport Policeman trying to deal with persistent 'shed bashers' to a well-to-do lady traveller reminiscing as to how the hobby developed after the age of steam.

Towards the end of the half-term week enjoy a selection of the best 'spotter stories' brought to life in the Great Hall with amazing colour and lighting as our Locos In A Different Light event returns.

Our Steam Rides will also be running in the South Yard.

* There is a small charge for our Trainspotting Trail.

Background: Notebook 1967, Trevor Ermel