The Director of Fun wants YOUR ideas

The NRM's 8-year-old boy director will respond to the best comments.

The National Railway Museum's Director of Fun is eight-year-old Sam Pointon. He was appointed in the summer of 2009, and his job is to make sure the Museum remains as fun and family friendly as possible.

To help him do this, Sam would like our visitors to let him know what they think about the NRM and tell him ideas they have about making sure the NRM is the most fun and family friendly place to spend a day out.

If you would like to get in touch with Sam, please write to him using the simple form below.

Sam’s favourite suggestions and ideas will be posted on this webpage with a reply from him.

Please note that by completing this form you are consenting to NRM publishing your name and message on its website. No other details (email address, phone number, age, etc) will be published.

Sam's favourites so far

Dear Sam

I visit the NRM regularly, once every two months at least. My suggestion is more interaction with the trains. My mom is always stopping me from climbing on the trains which is where i want to be. At 3 1/2 i just want to ride and climb and listen to the whistles. My dad of 40 (another kid) also agrees.

From Llewellyn

Hi Llewellyn

I like to ride on the trains too and last time I was at the museum I went on the footplate with the driver on a steam train and that was really fun. There are always steam rides in the school holidays if you can visit then.

Your letter is good, I got the other NRM bosses in my office and showed it to them and I told them that it would be fun for kids to climb and ride on more trains. Every day the Explainers open cabs for visitors but I think it needs to be more. So I have told the other bosses to think about how we can let more people climb on more trains. They said they would do this for me but they told me that some of the trains are too fragile to climb on. I think this is ok because if we look after them, other kids can look at them in 10, 50 or even 100 years.

I hope you get to ride on a train soon.

From Sam

Dear Sam

You're doing a great job Sam and look every inch a proper Director of Fun! I just wanted to say that I hope you will make it your mission to say that the NRM is fun for all the girls as well as all the boys!...I am a girl (well, a grown up girl) and I love the NRM! Keep up the good work! Thank you. Beryl Nairn (age 53). A regular visitor to the NRM.

From Beryl

Hi Beryl

Thank you for your letter. I have two sisters and they love to come to the NRM with me when I visit for my job but they like different things to me. I like to get their ideas too so I can ask for things that will make the museum fun for boys and girls.

Lots of girls love the NRM. I know one girl who knows lots about trains. Her name is Helen Ashby and she is one of the most important bosses at the Museum.

If you bump into me and my family during my visits to the NRM please say hello and I hope you enjoy the trains for lots and lots of years!

From Sam

Dear Sam

I'm Bre. Marry me. :)

From Bre

Dear Bre

I'm afraid that trains are the love of my life at the moment. Maybe things will change. Lets talk in 2021 when I’m a grownup.

From Sam

Dear Sam

Let's have some more OO model trains specially made for the NRM, to sell to us to raise funds! Every best wish, Sam! I'm 57 years young.

Eric Lishman

Dear Eric

I love model trains. My favourite one on my model railway track is Princess Victoria and it has real steam that comes out of it! The shop at the NRM has sold lots of City Of Truro models and people like them a lot. The boss of the models said that there will be more models and you can see them on the internet soon. They’ve told me which ones, but they’ve said it is a big secret for now so I can’t tell you yet. Sorry!

From Sam

Dear Sam,
Looks like you got the perfect job! We don't visit the NRM all the time, just once every few years or so, as we live over 200 miles away. But when we have done in the past it has been fantastic. Train rides are the reason for my message. I am a Fireman on a preserved railway in the Midlands, so I see a lot of steam engines. But I think steam train rides at the NRM, pulled by an engine small or large, are fantastic. The first time we visited there were train rides with a little "Percy"-style industrial engine. Since then, except on special events, I haven't seen any. Will there be any steam train rides in the summer school holidays? We are planning to visit then. Keep up the good work! Best Regards.
From Sam

Dear Sam,

It’s great to receive a letter from a fellow Sam!

I think that you are right that train rides are brilliant. I have been on lots of trains now and being Director Of Fun means I sometimes get to go on the footplate (but not drive the train no matter how many times I ask). In the summer school holidays, you can ride on City Of Truro. Some grown-ups think it was the first steam engine to go 100 miles an hour. That makes it even more famous than me and definitely faster! Have a great visit this summer.

From Sam

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