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Beside the seaside

Learn about the development of British seaside resorts in this 90 minute package.

Term time
Key Stage 2
Key Stage 2
Collection Hall

This package provides Key Stage 2 children with a fun introduction to the development of seaside resorts following the birth of passenger railways. Following a 15 minute welcome, the package lasts approximately 90 minutes. Children each get the opportunity to take part in three, 30 minute activities.

Handling period seaside objects

Children will be given an introduction and background information into the role of the railways in transporting the public to seaside resorts beginning in the 19th Century. Children will get the chance to handle a number seaside themed objects from the period. Objects include Penny licks, wooden spades, costumes and postcards.

Guided Tour

Children will be given a guided tour of the Collection Building and will discover how the experience of travelling by rail to holiday destinations developed.

Postcard craft activity

Children will discover the importance of writing postcards in the 19th and 20th century. Children will get the chance to design and write their own postcard based upon a collection of period photographs.

Activities are free of charge, and available to pre-booked school groups.

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