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Rationing, The Blitz and Churchill

Learn about what life in World War Britain was like in this 90 minute package.

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Key Stage 2
Key Stage 2
Collection Hall

This package provides Key Stage 2 children with an insight into life in WW2 Britain, including rationing, The Blitz and the role of Winston Churchill. Following a 15 minute welcome, the package lasts approximately 90 minutes. Children each get the opportunity to take part in three, 30 minute activities.


Children will discover what rationing was, why it was introduced and what it involved. Children will discover what foods were not available as well as those which were rationed. Children will also discover other items that were rationed and the impact this had on everyday life.

The Blitz

Children will discover what the blitz was and what it was like to live through. Children will be given the chance to handle a number of different objects associated with the blitz, including: gas mask, rattle, ARP helmet, newspapers and government guidance documents.

Winston Churchill

The role of Winston Churchill during WWII will be further explained to the children, including his achievements.

Children will be given a tour of the Churchill train and learn about Churchill's final journey and how he has been remembered.

Activities are free of charge, and available to pre-booked school groups.

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