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Key Stage 2

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Tim Peake's Spacecraft

Learning at the National Railway Museum

Find out what space travel is like as you get up close to astronaut Tim Peake's space descent module.

Mallard - the fastest steam engine

Learning at the National Railway Museum

A multi-sensory story written by 'Bag Books' especially for people with severe and profound learning difficulties.

Trains for the Tracks

Trains for the Tracks - Education at NRM YorkBecome railway engineers and take part in this interactive and hands on workshop.

From Rocket to Bullet

Explore the science behind the railways with our explosive science show.

Need for Speed

Need for Speed workshop at the National Railway Museum

Experience the thrill of speed in this fast paced interactive science show.

Building Bridges

Building Bridges at the National Railway MuseumFeel the forces involved in bridges – literally! Discover what tension and compression mean as you become part of a bridge.

Background: L&SWR Adams 563