Tickets, postcards, textiles and labels

Everything from railway tickets to fabrics used to furnish carriages.

National and international examples of railway tickets, paper dispatch labels attached to goods wagons and vans, parcel stamps, postcards, collectible cards and much more.

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National and international examples railway tickets from 1830 to today. Includes, normal travel, 'specials', forces and livestock tickets. Arranged alphabetically by the issuing company for UK tickets, or by country for international ones.
Ticket collection list
Ticket collection list (overseas)

Wagon labels

Examples of the paper dispatch labels attached to goods wagons and vans, charting the movement of commodities and livestock around the country. Arranged in alphabetical order by the issuing railway company.
Wagon labels list

Luggage labels

Many examples of the paper labels attached to passenger luggage, both used and unused.
Luggage labels and parcel stamps list

Parcel stamps

A relatively small collection due to its ephemeral nature. It contains examples of the ‘carriage’ stamps attached to parcels carried by the railway companies (as opposed to the post office).


Examples of postcards issued by pre-grouping railway companies, the Big Four, British Railways, preservation groups and nostalgia publishers. Subjects include locomotives, rolling stock, hotels, tunnels, ships and tourist attractions. There is also a small set of international postcards.
Postcards collection list

Postage stamps and first day covers

Commemorative stamps issued by the Royal Mail, special commissions issued under licence by preservation groups, and first day covers with special franking marks. There is also a small set of stamps and covers issued by foreign governments.
Stamp collection list

Collectable cards issued by tobacco companies, tea merchants and confectioners

Both complete and incomplete sets of cards, ranging from 1912 to 1998. The 38 sets cover many aspects of railway operation, but naturally concentrate on locomotives.
Cigarette card collection list

Carriage textiles

Samples of the fabrics used to furnish carriages from the 1920s to relatively recently. This is an invaluable resource for carriage restorers.
Carriage textiles collection list

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