Percival Voss

Percival filled a variety of signalling and administration roles.

Railway voices at the NRM

Percival Voss's father was a signalman in Nottingham. Percival joined railway from school, and filled a variety of signalling and administration roles.

Excerpt 1: Percival recalls his first ‘job’ on the railway as an unofficial ‘barrow-lad’ at Mablethorpe. 4.01

A Scottish signalman at the controls in Fife, 1947.

Excerpt 2: The first day on his own as a signalman at Aby (Louth to Boston line) was a memorable day. 2.43

Signalman at work at The Mound signal box, 1939. He is using a machine that dispensed staves or "tokens" to authorise single line working.

Excerpt 3: Signal box memories. 3.09

Diesel-powered passenger train on the level crossing at Lincoln station, 19 June 1956

Excerpt 4: After closure of the Louth to Boston line, Percival moved to Lincoln Station signal box. An incident there prompted his next move into accident investigation. 3.35

Excerpt 5: After various signalling jobs, Percival moved to administration and was involved in the implementation of TOPS. 2.43

Derailed London, Midland & Scottish Railway Experiment class 4-6-0 locomotive number 1406 'George Findlay' at Diggle, Greater Manchester, 5 July 1923.

Excerpt 6: Percival's next move was to Doncaster, to the Signalling and Accident Investigation Section. 4.09

Background: Class 87