Collection building

The Collection building at Shildon is an open, modern space, housing the majority of our locomotives.

Collection Hall at Locomotion Shildon

Admire our display of more than 70 railway heritage vehicles from the National Collection – including the prototype Deltic; British Rail's Advanced Passenger Train; and the iconic L.M.S. locomotive Duchess of Hamilton. Some have been stored in the open for many years, whilst others have been finely restored. 

The Collection building is a showcase for sustainability techniques. A key requirement is to minimise temperature and humidity fluctuations as well as the building's overall energy demand. A high degree of roof insulation, wire gabons in the walls help achieve these ends without the need for air conditioning. A photovoltaic roofing system generates power which is fed back into the grid.

Check out the progress on our Conservation Workshop's latest railway restoration projects from a purpose built viewing platform.

You’ll also find an indoor picnic area, the Platform Seven Café, and our gift shop.

Background: 'Skegness is so Bracing' LNER Poster