Love Me Tender

We commissioned world class poet Ian McMillan to write us a poem capturing the Trainspotting hobby.

Love me Tender

It's a late-night moment on a freezing station,
A notebook with one page to fill.
It’s a morning that trembles with anticipation
Of the signal, the whistle, the thrill
Of the number you thought that you’d never get
After days of frustration and weeks of regret.

It's parents and kids on an endless quest,
A Sunday weighed down by the rain;
It's the glow of a light rushing down from the West
And that beautiful, beautiful train
You now get the chance to tick off in the book
Through pure dedication and skill and good luck.

It's a map of the system laid out like a dream
A story of numbers, and tales
Of epic encounters on days wreathed with steam
When the bright sun mined gold from the rails
And you ate your sandwiches on Platform 3
And the big book of engines was light on your knee.

It's a life filled with moments that ring like a bell,
With elation, the thrill of the chase;
It’s a smile from your dad that says 'Yes, all is well'
As he matches the grin on your face.
This is a hobby that never will pall.
Tomorrow's a spotting day. Well, aren't they all?

Ian McMillan 2014

Poet Ian McMillan in our Great Hall.

Background: Notebook 1967, Trevor Ermel