Churchill's Final Journey

Mark 50 years since a people's farewell with our display of the train that took the statesman on his solemn last journey. This exhibition closed at the end of May 2015.

The Churchill family at home

Churchill's funeral on 30 January 1965 was a historic event. While it was a significant state occasion, it was also an opportunity for people to pay their own personal respects. The funeral was watched on television by millions throughout the world, while thousands lined the trackside to watch as the train passed.

We will be displaying our locomotive, Winston Churchill, to mark the 50th anniversary of Sir Winston Churchill's state funeral. Visitors will be able to see the locomotive for the first time since its cosmetic restoration at Mid-Hants Railway. It will be displayed alongside the baggage van which carried Churchill's coffin and the Pullman carriage Lydia which carried his family. This will be the first time since the funeral that these vehicles have been seen together.

The funeral signified the end of an era. Not only did it mark the passing of a historic figure, but it would also be the last time that a steam locomotive would be involved in a state funeral.

The funeral train today in our Great Hall

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Background: Churchill's coffin being loaded onto baggage van