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NRM Museum map August 2014

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Great Hall

Great Hall is the heart of our museum - here you can see Mallard, Rocket, Shinkansen the rest of our locomotive collection.

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Station Hall

Soak up the atmosphere of this historic building filled with vehicles and other items spanning a century of railway history.

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Our museum shops and online store stock a wide range of railway merchandise and memorabilia.

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NRM shop

South Yard

The South Yard is the Museum's outdoor area, home to locomotives, railways lines and the children's play area.

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The Workshop

The Workshop isn't just for show - it's home to the maintenance depot where our specialist team keep our locomotives running and looking tip-top.

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The Warehouse

There are 1001 surprises here - it's place that houses a welter of collection items that haven't made it to full-blown displays.

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Learning Platform

This is our devoted centre for education. We offer a range of workshops for all ages to help you get the most out of your visit, all FREE.

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Search Engine

This is our research and archive hub - here you can explore the history of rail transport and discover previously unseen treasures from our archives.

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