2012: Year of the Volunteer

Throughout 2012, we'll be celebrating the talent, skills and kind-heartedness of our over 300 volunteers, with a series of events and activities designed to show our gratitude.

In 2012, our volunteers contributed

25000 hours

2012 summary

Matt Hick, Volunteer Coordinator says:

2012 has been a tremendous year for volunteering. We've recruited over 180 new volunteers, seen 35,000 hours given to the museum, and Year of the Volunteer has been a huge success.

None of this would have been possible without the assistance of the Volunteer Team. Supporting the Volunteer Officer are Sue Wragg, Tony Oldfield, David Thomas and Tony Steadman, who have helped with recruitment and induction, organising events and maintaining health and safety records.

Highlights from the team's year include arranging a tour of St Pancras Station and International Hotel, assisting with the running of Railfest, and helping to produce the volunteer handbook.

Without the support of Sue, Tony, David and Tony, many of the more enjoyable activities of 2012, such as the street party, volunteer outings and Friends and Volunteers nights, would not have taken place. Their help, support and advice is hugely appreciated and frees the Volunteer Officer up to work on a variety of interesting and exciting future volunteer projects.

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