Donating to the museum

Here at the National Railway Museum, we're very proud to be recognised as the world’s leading railway museum and the most visited museum outside London with over 800,000 visitors each year.

As a national charity, we rely on the support of people young and old to preserve and care for our collections now and for the generations to come.

Make a donation

Thank you to all our visitors who made a donation at one of our museums (National Railway Museum, MOSI, National Media Museum and the Science Museum). Last financial year alone, you very generously donated £1.6 million towards our work.

This money is so important to all of our museums as not only does it help us replace the funding lost due to reductions in Grant in Aid, it means we can spend it where we need to the most: ensuring your visit is as memorable and enjoyable as possible. Receiving regular visitor donations means that this income now plays a crucial role in contributing to showcase the past and inspire the future about the science in all of our lives.

Contact Helen May, Head of Development on 01904 685726 or

Become a Patron

Deepen your interest in railways and make a real difference to our work and ambitions by becoming a Patron. We'll reward your support by inviting you closer to the heart of the museum: our world-class collections and resources.

Donate an object

Our object-rich collections have been built up over the past 150 years. Some gaps still exist though, and you might have precisely the right object to fill them – so do get in touch. (But please don't bring objects into the museum without having made a prior appointment with the relevant curator.)

More about donating objects

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