Education at NRM York

All our sessions are FREE and require booking in advance.

From Rocket To Bullet

Science Shows at the National Railway Museum

Explore the science behind the railways with our explosive science show. See us launch our Barbie cannon! KS2, 35 minutes.

Need for Speed

Need for Speed workshop at the National Railway Museum

Experience the thrill of speed in this fast paced interactive science show. Available from 29 February 2016 and specially created for our Flying Scotsman season. KS2, duration 30 mins.

Stephensons' Rocket

Stephensons' Rocket - education at NRM York

Discover the history and science behind one of the most famous locomotives of all time with this interactive workshop. KS1, 25mins.

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Punch and Judy's railway adventure

Punch and Judy's railway aventure

A trip to the seaside with two very special guests. KS1, 25 minutes.

Background: L&SWR Adams 563