NRM South

What is NRM South?

A combination of several things:

  • A new Art Gallery. The first exhibition opens in July.
  • A new shop and foyer to provide you with more space. Also opens in July.
  • Enhancements to Station Hall, including a new look for the Royal carriages. Fully open in November.

Does this mean the Museum will be closed?

No. The majority of the Museum will remain open throughout. Station Hall and our outside area (Miniature Railway, Depot and play area) will be closed for a short period, and for 10 weeks we’ll have one entrance open rather than two.

New shop and foyer details

We’re building a new dedicated shop and orientation space, which will help you get your bearings more easily, meet family and friends, reduce congestion and make shopping more enjoyable.

It won’t significantly alter the profile of the existing Museum building, as it will take up the space that’s currently occupied by Jubilee Gardens at the front of the Museum.

The Museum will remain open while we build the new shop and foyer. City Entrance (the one nearest the railway station) will be closed 2 May – 23 July: signs will guide you to alternate entrances. We’ll be moving facilities including our shop so you’ll still be able to reach them. Check the online map for the latest updates

Station Hall details

We’re taking steps to make a visit to Station Hall a more immersive experience. We’re aiming to improve visitor flow around the hall, create better access to key exhibits such as the Royal trains, and bring our interpretation up to date.

Station Hall will be closed for a short period (13 June to mid-July) to enable us to carry out the work, and our outdoor area (Miniature Railway, Depot and play area) will be closed for roughly the same time. Check the online map for the latest updates

But the Museum will remain open throughout and there will be plenty for visitors to see and do, including our largest space - the Great Hall - and The Warehouse, the Workshop and the new Art Gallery. The shop and café will still be open too, just in a different area of the Museum.

Art Gallery details

We're creating an art gallery to showcase our unseen art collection. It will be a brand new purpose-built exhibition space, and host an exciting programme of temporary exhibitions alongside railway-inspired works of art from around the world. More information at the Art Gallery page.

Parking for disabled visitors

We’ll continue to offer free car parking in our main car park to visitors with access needs. See the How To Get Here page for more details. We are continually consulting with our access panel to ensure the needs of these visitors are met as best as possible.

Why are you spending money during a difficult economic period?

We strive to be one of the most admired museums in the world and we have exciting programmes planned at all the museums in our family (including the Science Museum in London and Wroughton, the National Media Museum in Bradford and the National Railway Museum in York and Shildon). We’re committed to preserving free admission, and focusing on attracting visitors, generating income and investing in projects which ensure that we’re in the best possible position to come out of this difficult period stronger and more secure.

Background: L&SWR Adams 563