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Discover 300 years of history and 1,000,000 objects that changed the world in the UK's largest railway museum.

York open 10am-6pm
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Shildon open 10am-5pm

What’s on

A different class of travel

This summer we're exploring the different ways railway passengers have travelled throughout the years. We're opening up more carriages than ever before, so why not climb aboard and see what you can discover?

Flying Scotsman update

Work to complete the restoration of Flying Scotsman will continue apace as a milestone moment in the project has been completed - the frames indicate no significant problems and there are only minor issues with the condition of the cylinders.

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Calling all Trainspotters

Trainspotting - get involved

We're researching the trainspotting hobby which will be the focus of a season at the museum later this year. We have discovered that trainspotters have some great tales to tell - can you help us?

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